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Understand.   Optimize.   Deliver.  

We proudly write applications since 1990.
We were born with the web & grew with it.
We are agile, service-oriented & leverage bleeding edge web techniques and UX.

What we do

1. We listen to your requirements and challenge them, question them, refine them, bullet-proof them, and raise them to a air-tight app design.
Many say that is our key contribution to their project.

2. Then we consult & integrate your company policies, infrastructures, practices. We get help when required (web designers, platform-specific experts) and come up with a solution specs that meets needs, budget and timeline.

3. Once the feasibility/design phase is complete, we start building. This is an interactive and iterative process: modules are assembled, coded, tuned; the UX is tested at each step and revised to match scope changes; weights, bandwidth, performances, scalability are examined along the way and integrated early in the design; touchpoints with others systems are documented, structured & future-proofed.

4. Delivery, testing & roll-out is then organized. We document testing and conduct qualification procedures if applicable (network, security, performance). We can also contribute to your communication & training materials or campaigns. Lastly, we help you sustain and maintain the application, either as third-level support or as iterated releases.

What we are good at

“Laziness. Impatience. Hubris.”
According to Larry Wall, these are the three great virtues of a programmer and we daily strive to honor and abide by every single one of them.
This infuses efficiency, performance and maintainability in everything we deliver.
Quoting a fellow countryman, our work is complete not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to remove.

We are particularly focusing on large volume databases, secure access with fine granularity authorizations, effective slick interfaces and to-the-point user experience.
Over the years, we have been involved on building applications covering various domains. We have developed expertise on two specific ones: Knowledge Management and Human Resources. Please contact us for more details on these tools and how we could leverage this expertise in your projects.

What we can do for you

Give us a few minutes of your time and you'll quickly realize why you want to have us by your side in your app team.
We help you focus on the essence of your project so as to provide concise, effective and maintainable solutions. We do the dirty work for you, seamlessly coordinate with technical teams and providers, document the architecture & design, consolidate touchpoints & interfaces, and doing so we keep your IT organization and infrastructure happy.
Our various contacts and customer references can each testify of many success stories: Schlumberger, Thales Defense, Danone, Autodesk, Polytechnique, ParisTech, only to name a few. Understand why they entrusted us with their project and why they are glad that they did.

Drop us a note or give us a call. Let us show you.

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